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The Personalized Risk Tool

Our Personalized Risk Tool is a software that assesses the individual risk of patients in hospitals, nursing homes and medical practices in order to better target available resources (especially for preventive treatments).

The software was developed by a team of technical and clinical experts and has been implemented and comprehensively evaluated in clinical operations since 2018.

The Personalised Risk Tool calculates the individual risk for the occurrence of a disease or syndrome, a complication, an adverse condition or a clinically relevant event (e.g. intensive care stay after an operation) for a specific period of time for individual patients.

Customized prevention

Machine learning algorithms are considered a black box and often make it difficult to understand the results.

To counteract this, the Personalized Risk Tool offers a simple, clear and contextual view of the patient’s medical history. This makes it possible to identify individual risk factors and take customized preventive measures.

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